General discussion and support

For general discussion of Ouroboros, subscribe to our mailing list: ouroboros@freelists.org.

For day-to-day discussions, join our IRC chat: #ouroboros.

Contributing code

Contributions should be sent as patches to the mailing list, using your real name and real e-mail address.

The git repository contains three branches:

New development is done against the 'be' branch of the git repository. The testing and master branches take only bugfixes.


Please report all bugs here. When reporting a bug, please do the following:

  1. Provide a description of the bug.
  2. Provide as much info as possible (system logs, debug traces, ...).
  3. If possible, provide a minimal code example to reproduce the bug.
  4. If you can provide a bugfix, provide it against the HEAD of the most stable branch where the bug is present and send the patch to the mailing list.